[WATCH] BBNaija Teddy.A and BamBam Hot Scene In The Toilet

Also known as the powerhouse couple in the BBNaija house, Teddy.A and BamBam decided to get frisky in the bathroom and we got it all on video. 

While Teddy.A is known to have a baby mama and girlfriend outside the house and is renowned to be a bad boy and gold digger. BamBam, on the other hand, is a well-known church girl holding several positions in the church. 

Most fans are shocked that she would throw away her religious standings and get under the sheets right on live television. 

Straight up in the bathroom, we could see them exploring different styles and Teddy.A didn't leave anything to the imagination. Although the curtain provided a poor view we were still able to make out the hot sessions.

Let's not bore you with too many talks, we got it all on video for you to watch and download for free. 

While Bambam seems to be head over heels for the reknowned bad boy and alpha male Teddy. A it seems that Teddy.A does not feel the same away about her and caims that he is still loyal to his girlfriend no matter what he and BamBam does.

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